Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sogkran in Hat Yai, Thailand

So here I am, a Songkran virgin. The second I arrived in Hat Yai, I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to walk around without getting wet because I saw too many people with water guns on street. So yes, I was right. I was greeted with water splash as soon as I reached Hat Yai.
My brother met his friends unintentionally. Bought the "gun" and had fun.
 Me and my brother were drowning in the sea of people. It was a great day.
But the next day was greater! Interacting with local people and other tourists.
Some people rented car, truck and tuk-tuk to get around town.
Local people are the best.
I even got free beer. Cheers!
 Last, feel the fun, feel the sun. *dorkface* LOL
Hmm.. I miss the "gun", I miss the "war".


katherine said...

So funny journey !! You must have enjoyed it a lot

jialicious said...

Yay! I'm planning to visit there again next year, haha.