Saturday, September 13, 2014

Penang, Malaysia

Being a stranger in another country, probably the most exciting thing for me. Just walking down the street, meeting new people, trying new things and foods.

I was lost on my way to find a famous Cendol place and I ended up asking an auntie to show me the way. I remember the auntie was kind enough to warned us that there were many pickpockets so we must be careful. Although her warning made ​​me a little scared. Haha.
On my way to the famous Cendol place, I found this eye-catching store and decided to come inside. There were sooo many stuff from key chain, tea pot to antique Chinese calligraphy set with the brush, ink, stamp and other stuff that I don't know. After buying some souvenirs, we walked again.
And here is the so-called famous Cendol. The upper-left is original flavor and the other two on the right are Durian flavor (which is one of the list of fruits I hate). So you know which one was mine, right? Oh! The laksa (bottom-left) was mine too. Simple but taste-wise.
After filling up my stomatch, I returned to hotel. And suprisingly, there're plenty of beautiful spots around the hotel! FYI the hotel is around George Town.
Ops! Booya! I wasn't that crazy to kiss him. This uncle is a painting because Penang—wait.. I mean George Town is full of street art. Haha.
Finally I arrived at the hotel, but do you think that I head back to hotel to take a nap and being a lazy head after the loong walk? Just so you know, sleeping is such a waste for short vacation. (at least for me) Haha. I rented a van from the hotel and go to a local market
and two temples. I saw loads of pigeons at one of the temples. Trying to feed them but instead they flew away, sobs.
Hmph, time sure flies when you're having fun. The sky was already dark, so I went to a road full of stalls selling Penang hawker food, ate dinner, and head back to hotel.
 This uncle was so nice. (we talked a bit)
So I gave him two thumbs up. Haha.


Wordsmith said...

wow! you really had such a nice time!

jialicious said...

Yaay i did! Haha.