Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Asiatique - Bangkok, Thailand

Happy New Year everyone! By the way, is it too late to say Happy New Year now?? I guess it is. Hahaha. But who cares.

So, throwback to Bangkok - Thailand.
It's my second time to Bangkok. And I can never say enough good things about it. You can basically find everything there; clothes, good food, utensil, you name it. It's an "almost" perfect vacation. I said "almost" because sometimes when you're not lucky, bad thing just happen and you can't help it. Truth be told, if you're not lucky like us, you'll met some RUDE Tuk Tuk (rickshaw) drivers and sometimes taxi scams. Oh why did I call them rude? They touch our arms and laugh when we got mad at them. What a shame. But I guess we're just unlucky. Haha.

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