Tuesday, July 2, 2013

30day shred

Hi! I just finished my first day of 30day shred challange since i gained weight recently(?).. Wait, no. I gained a lot of weight since 2years ago. What the hell T-T. But, by the way! I decided to lose alllllllllll that fat by doing this 30day shred by Jillian Michaels. And hope it will work out somehow. Ehm..
So, back to the business! The exercise is NO JOKE! I nearly puke in the middle of exercising! But maybe because i'm a beginner and since i don't like to exercise. Haha! And you know, because it's not easy...actually i cheated a little. Really, just a little. Like when the moves are too hard. I just standing and resting watching them. Lol but that's how i survive. I mean even though i cheated, i still feel like i'll faint anytime. Luckily i don't (yet).
Well, i'm not going to post a picture of me with my hair sticking to my disgustingly sweaty neck in this post. -.- So, Ugh! Bye :)

UPDATE!! I gave up on the 6th day. Didn't lose weight but feel so much better & fresher.

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